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Results of the 2014 Food Survey

Greetings Danebod Campers !

Please set aside the afternoon of October 15th to come and get a taste of Danebod in October after the conclusion of the Board Meeting.  Find out what decisions were made at the Board Meeting, see old friends, sing a song or three, eat some great food, and of course have some wonderful conversation across all camps.
Everybody is of course also invited to the Board Meeting itself if you want to see the inner workings or have something to say, but we really would like for you to be there for the after meeting events.

12:00 PM    Lunch, Welcome and Introductions

12:45 PM    Danebod Folk School Committee Dates
2017 Election of Officers, webmaster

1:30 PM     Committee Reports:

2:15 PM    Camp Sharing

Combined June/July/August logo vote

3:00 PM    Breakout Sessions     Various DAC
4:00 PM    Tea Time                    Basement DAC
4:30 PM    Singing                      Parlor DAC
5:30 PM    Pot Luck Supper        Basement DAC
6:30 PM    Social Time                DAC
8:00 PM    Clean up    DAC

See you soon, and Blue Skies!