From Tina Maynor, November 2014

Greetings Danebodians!

Take a moment to learn what’s new at camp:
Food Committee- New Cook!
Exciting news for next summer includes the addition of a new cook at Danebod Folk School.  Welcome Bronwyn Gayle!  What’s on your camp food wish list?  Help the Food Committee by sharing information about your family’s dietary needs and preferences- follow this survey link and submit your family’s response by Wednesday Dec 3rd<

Questions? See these committee members:
June- Alex Dixon and Leah Gruhn
July- Karma Walker and Nicky Taylor
August- Linda Jacobson and Laura Bernard
Folk School Liaison- Margie Bornhoft
Accessible Housing Committee- Explorations Continue
Our camps are all about bringing generations together, but what happens when stairs become a challenge for grandma or grandpa?  The Danebod Camps Board unanimously voted to approve a motion empowering the Accessible Housing committee to work with the Folk School Board, Danebod Lutheran Church and the Fall Meeting to continue to explore options for increasing accessible lodging on the Danebod Folk School campus.  There are some exciting options and much collaborative work ahead.
We are looking for new committee members to represent June and July camps (up to 2 each).  Please email me at with your questions or to volunteer, there is no need to be on the board to serve on this committee.
Questions?  See these committee members:
June- TBN
July- TBN
August- Linda Jacobson and Alex Legeros
Folk School Liaison- Margie Bornhoft
Board Meeting Highlights- Three-Camp Collaborations
We had a wonderful board meeting on October 25, 2014.  Together, we took care of annual business while recognizing and celebrating our common history across all three camps, our love of Danebod, and our shared hopes for a future for all camps our grandchildren will enjoy.
This year, we shortened the business portion of the meeting to make room for more active three-camp collaborations including committee break-out sessions, as well as a session where Directors and Registrars from all three camps could share great ideas.
The Danebod Folk School let us know that, due to rising operations costs, there will be a slight increase in fees for summer 2015.  More details will come with registration materials next spring.
Many of you joined the camper gathering in the evening, including a great dose of singing lead by Rita Juhl, a pot luck supper and social time.  See pictures below.
Do you have questions about Danebod board committees and business? Here are the representatives from each camp to the 2014-2015 Danebod Camp Board:
June- Alex Dixon, Kathy Van Eyck, Leah Gruhn, Nan Miller, Maggie Miller and John Nielsen
July- Anika Kildegaard, Rus Weikle, Dwight Bullard, Joel Mortensen, Curt Petersen and Carla Larsen
August Folk Camp*- Chris Kehew, Linda Jacobson, Alex Legeros, Laura Bernard, Karri Brady and Jim Quartemont
*joins June and July for Oct Board meeting, also runs their own 503c board
Executive Committee- Tina Maynor (President), Alex Legeros (Vice President), Richard Nielsen (Secretary) and Katie Seaburg (Treasurer)
Folk School Board Liaison- Margie Bornhoft

Thank you to the talented and dedicated board directors of our beloved Danebod camps!

More Info
You can find our annual meeting minutes posted by Nov 30 2014 as well as other key information at our website:
Blue Skies!
Tina Maynor