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This is one of the few organizations where everyone is a volunteer, and we love it that way. Danebod thrives because so many people love it, and support it with their time, energy, skills and talents, and, yes, money.

Do you love Danebod too? Jump in!

Talents, skills, time

We’re always looking for resource people to help with crafts, discussion time, tea time, singing, dancing, campfire coordinating, teen activities, field trips… you name it! PLEASE DO contact the upcoming year’s camp directors, or anyone on the DFC board, and say how you see yourself helping out.


No question – monetary donations are a very efficient way to keep DFC strong. Every one-time donation makes a real difference. Putting DFC on your annual charities list multiplies the benefit, of course. You might consider donating stock, or mentioning DFC in your will. Each of these options lends strength to the whole DFC community. We love it! Thank you!

You can donate right now through PayPal.

We usually have auctions during camp, so bring something of beauty or value to add to the items up for bid. Auction item donations may be tax deductible for the amount of their real-world value. Or you could bid! If your bid exceeds the real value of the item, the excess may be tax-deductible.


If you would like more information about how your gift will impact camp, a list of our current capital improvement projects, or a report of our financial health, you may request to get in contact with a board member below. We will promptly respond to you by email or phone at your request.