Danebod Folk Camp:
August 2- August 8, 2020 CANCELED!

We hope everyone is safe and well as the COVID-19 situation continues to escalate.

As a board we have met multiple times to discuss the current circumstances facing our world, and have been closely following the Danebod Family Camp and Folk School discussions surrounding COVID-19.

In late March, the Danebod Family Camps board met virtually, followed by an emergency meeting on April 7th that our board was also invited to.  The Danebod Folk School Committee in Tyler met on April 6th, and we subsequently held a meeting on April 8th, 2020 to discuss the decisions and concerns raised at those meetings.  The unanimous decision to cancel June and July 2020 sessions of Danebod was made on April 7th.

Subsequently, at our April 8, 2020 Danebod Folk Camp Board meeting we too have unanimously decided to cancel August 2020 camp.  As it has become clearer that the COVID-19 virus will still be widely present throughout the US this summer, the risk that camp could pose to beloved members of our community and the town of Tyler is too great. These same concerns are shared by the Folk School,  Church and community in Tyler as well.  The decision was not made lightly and we share everyone’s disappointment that we will not be able to convene this summer for the fun and fellowship we all cherish so much.

The Board and 2020 Directors are committed to exploring opportunities for all of us to stay connected through 2020 in addition to some possible virtual opportunities to connect.  We welcome ideas and volunteers to facilitate these opportunities.  In addition, please look for future correspondence to hold our membership meeting late summer/early fall in a virtual setting.

On behalf of our 2020 Directors that have agreed to move their commitment to 2021 camp; we hope that you will find time to cherish ‘oh what a beautiful morning’, or ‘heart be still’ in the peace of a sunset.  For even though we can’t be together in body, we can still send Rita goosebumps, or ‘sand’ a little song for you.  Perhaps ‘salt the dog’,  ‘march in grand style’ and ‘ding-dong’ 2021 to come a little sooner so we can all be together again!

Stay safe, Stay at Home, and we will see you soon!

Sincerely Your Board,

Grethe Bornhoft, President

http://mail to:grethe.bornhoft@gmail.com

Alan Gift, Vice President

Jesse Kramme, Secretary

Linda Jacobson, Treasurer (2020/2021 Camp Director)

Jessica Petersen, Board Member (2020/2021 Camp Director)

Nick Legeros, Board Member

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