Danebod Folk Camp:
August 1- August 7, 2021 CANCELED


Dear August Campers, April 22, 2021


It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed without seeing all of your smiling faces at camp.   It’s even harder to write yet another letter to let you know that Camp for the 2021 season will be cancelled once again. 

This was not an easy decision to make, as a board, and camp directors alike, we held multiple meetings discussing the implications and ‘what-ifs’ of moving forward with camp.  Considering the CDC guidelines are ever changing, and the close proximity of all to one another at camp, it just did not seem plausible to safely offer the same camp experience that we’ve all come to love and cherish.  

In January, the folk school cancelled June camp, and considering the ties of July, that as well.  At the meetings of both the folk school and church council in April, they fully vetted the options of holding August camp and the Fall Meeting.  Considering all of the additional elements such as hiring a caretaker, cooks, prepping campus, etc, when the Fall Meeting elected to cancel, we felt it was only appropriate to do the same for the well-being of all.   

As a board we have discussed the financial ramifications to the campus of not having the camps 2 years in a row.  Considering this is an income stream that they depend on to keep the doors open, the pipes from freezing and the grass below knee level, we worry about the loss of this income over the past 2 years and how it will affect the long term sustainability of Danebod.  We are still exploring what help we may be able to offer to the Folk School and Church, and will provide a follow-up correspondence, if you should choose to contribute in any way to this need.  In addition, we have voted as a board that membership dues from the 2019 camp are being carried over to 2021.  Anyone that paid their membership in 2019 or ‘20 is eligible to participate in any voting etc. for the 2021 membership meeting. The 2021 membership meeting will be virtual, as we did in 2020, and details will be shared at a later date.

There have also been questions about whether the Lodge or campground are available for rent, independent of an organized camp week. We have been told that the Lodge and Cottage are available.  Camping is also an option if you keep in mind that the folk school dorm is completely closed for access to toilets, showers etc.  You’ll need to contact the church office for more information. Christie, the church secretary, can be reached at (507-247-3000).

On behalf of our 2020, 2021 and now 2022 directors, Jessica Petersen and Linda Jacobson… we are SO VERY excited to offer camp in 2022.  We realize that a 2 year absence will require some epic planning and celebratory opportunities for our campers. We are relieved to be able to start planning the “Return to Camp” in 2022.  As always, should you have an interest in volunteering, want to lead a craft, ideas for cultural fellows, or just something you’d like to share, we are here anxiously awaiting any and all input to ensure that our return to our new normal is everything it can be and more! (no pressure or anything- Lol)    Jess and Linda can be reached best via email: 

JessicaMayPetersen@gmail.com (Jess)  Windsongfields@gmail.com (Linda) 

Stayed tuned for virtual camp offerings this summer in addition to our annual membership meeting.  

Kaerlig Hilsen,  

The Board, and your 2022 Camp Directors!

Sincerely Your Board,

Grethe Bornhoft, President

http://mail to:grethe.bornhoft@gmail.com

Alan Gift, Vice President

Jesse Kramme, Secretary

Linda Jacobson, Treasurer (2020/2021 Camp Director)

Jessica Petersen, Board Member (2020/2021 Camp Director)

Nick Legeros, Board Member

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