Danebod Folk Camp:

July 31 –  August 6   2022

On behalf of our 2020, 2021 and now 2022 directors, Jessica Petersen and Linda Petersen… we are SO VERY excited to offer camp in 2022.  We realize that a 2 year absence will require some epic planning and celebratory opportunities for our campers. We are relieved to be able to start planning the “Return to Camp” in 2022.  As always, should you have an interest in volunteering, want to lead a craft, ideas for cultural fellows, or just something you’d like to share, we are here anxiously awaiting any and all input to ensure that our return to our new normal is everything it can be and more! (no pressure or anything- Lol)    Jess and Linda can be reached best via email: 

JessicaMayPetersen@gmail.com (Jess)
Windsongfields@gmail.com (Linda) 

Stayed tuned for virtual camp offerings this summer in addition to our annual membership meeting.  

Kaerlig Hilsen,  

The Board, and your 2022 Camp Directors!

Sincerely Your Board,

Grethe Bornhoft, President

Annette Brickley 2023, Vice President

Jesse Kramme 2024, Secretary

Linda Petersen, Treasurer (2022 Camp Director)

Jessica Petersen 2024, Board Member (2022 Camp Director)

Nick Legeros 2023, Board Member

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Looking for June or July camp info?

DFC’s sister organization, Danebod Family Camp, organizes camp sessions in June and July every year. Visit Danebod Family Camp’s website to learn more about these sessions.